your butt is not equivalent

March 6, 2008 at 11:48 pm (Uncategorized)

First off, I want to apologize to my poor neglected blog. My regular journal is getting neglected too, as is pretty much everything in my life that isn’t studying. I’m taking my MA exams on April 4th and 7th. I feel doomed. So I haven’t got much spare brainspace for Real Issues, or in fact anything that happened after 330 CE.

Anyway. Tonight we had a lecture and a reception, and at the reception I ended up standing and chatting with L and R, two other students. L is also a fat girl, possibly slightly bigger than me, but I’ve always been bad at judging that sort of thing. R is tallish and rail-thin. So we’re chatting and the conversation turns to clothes; I have a desperate need for spring clothes, due to weeding out my wardrobe and ditching a ton of clothes. (They didn’t fit anyway, but that’s another post. And a lot of stuff is stained or deteriorating because I’ve had it for ages and can’t get through a meal without dropping something on myself.) R chimes in that she hates shopping, we commiserate, and she says something about it being impossible to find pants, in part because she has no butt.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now that I’m home and figuring out when I can go shopping I’m sort of mad. I totally agree that mainstream manufactured clothing is impossible for a lot of people, and that everybody has a hard time finding stuff that fits. It’s the nature of the beast. But. But if you are under a size 14 or 12, you are going to have a slightly easier time simply because there are more options. There are maybe two or three stores in any mall where I can buy clothes in my size, and that’s if I’m lucky. We don’t have a Torrid in the mall that I go to. We have a Lane Bryant, and another by the grocery store. There are the department stores, but Macy’s are prevalent down here and I haven’t found them that great for plus-size shopping. I can squeeze into the largest size at New York & Company for tops, depending on the style. Same for Target; their plus-size section, at least in our store, is pretty dire. And… that’s about it. I simply have fewer places to look for jeans that will fit my butt, for tops that are cute and springy and not stained with curry, for clothes.

Which is to say that I am totally unoriginal, and I’m also waiting for a super-cute coat I ordered from Jessica London to show up. But I don’t know if it will fit. Argh!


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