math is hard, let’s go shopping

March 18, 2008 at 11:48 am (Uncategorized)

The other day I was discussing shopping with my friend A. We’d been to Target the night before – I needed pyjamas for an impromptu sleepover at her house, and she and her mom decided to comb the sales racks. As you do. And I found pyjamas and a shirt for the next day, and I’d tried on another shirt where they scaled up the body for an XXL but not the sleeves. Shame, since it was cute and a lovely green color.

But the next day when she was driving me back to the train station (an hour away so I didn’t have to transfer at one of the scariest train stations in the country) we discussed how hard it is to find clothes. Because I’m 5’4″ and wear a 20 or 22 on bottom and anything from a 16 to a 20 on top. And because she’s 5’10” and very skinny and relatively long-waisted and flat-chested. We both have problems shopping for clothes. And we’re considering just tailoring our own. There was talk of a Hello Kitty sewing machine.

So tomorrow I’m going shopping with L and J (not the same L from my previous post; I may have to give these girls pseudonyms) and I’m actually sort of excited for it. Because J is also fat, and L is straight sizes on bottom but can do smaller plus sizes on top, because she has a Rack of Doom. So we will go to the stores where we can find things that fit and look awesome, and buy Fabulous and Fierce clothes. No, seriously, that is our plan. We want to look Fierce, for reasons to do with a boy that might get detailed in a later post. We’re also looking for shoes.

And the other reason that I’m excited about this shopping trip: I’ve recently weeded out my closet and dresser. I lost some weight about three years ago, then gained back all of it and a lot more two years ago due to some major emotional upheaval. (Best friend dumping me + writing a senior thesis + waiting for grad school acceptances = major depressive episode and triggering of bingeing.) But I was wearing clothes that were still too small for a really long time. And I’m finally, slowly, getting rid of them. Getting clothes that fit me, that don’t ride up or bind or bunch uncomfortably. It’s taking a while. But I’m getting there, slowly. That’s part of what tomorrow is for.


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  1. juliafaye said,

    Followed your comment from Shapely Prose, and I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say!

    Also? The Hello Kitty sewing machine idea = awesome.

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