March 29, 2008 at 5:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Interesting post by the Fug Girls over at New York magazine. It just makes me think – I was never upset or disillusioned about only seeing bone-thin models in Vogue, which my mom got for years. Mostly because while I was never going to be that thin, I certainly was never going to be that rich, either. Comments about being too rich or too thin aside – my family growing up was and still is pretty solidly middle class. I never wanted for anything, but a $5000 dollar handbag or $600 pair of shoes was never something I thought of having. The models in those clothes were as unrealistic and unattainable as the clothes themselves. And a good bit older than me, too. What did bother me, what did have an impact on my self-esteem, were the girls in Seventeen. That was much more packaged and targeted to girls in my age and class bracket – being suburban and about twelve when I started reading it – and the models were generally about my age-ish and had perfect hair and makeup and impossibly, effortlessly thin. With articles on how dangerous eating disorders were and “celebrating your body” and still having these thin models? I think the teen magazines need to worry more about this stuff than Vogue, which is admittedly blatant fantasy.

This could probably be more coherent, but I’m trying to work on a presentation and do homework and not think about how my MA exams are a week away. Ulp.


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