bellies united!

November 25, 2008 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

Oh my god, where the fuck have I been? Well, I passed my retake and am frantically getting everything done for my M.A. graduation in January and trying to apply to grad schools for next fall. So yeah. Busy. But that’s not what I wanted to post about!

So. Amanda Palmer is one half of the Dresden Dolls, and one of my favorite musicians in general, and she’s currently promoting her solo album “Who Killed Amanda Palmer.” In an email to her mailing list accompanying the announcement of the release of her latest music video, she wrote that she had to fight with her record company, Roadrunner, over the video. Because they thought her belly was too fat. Behind the jump, the totally awesome video:

Now, personally, I don’t think you see enough of the belly for it to be an issue at all. But evidently Roadrunner felt differently. But the belly stayed! “Long live the belly,” said Amanda, and a group of fans on the Shadowbox (the Dresden Dolls fan forum) agreed. And one of them posted a picture of her belly in solidarity. And I saw this thread and went “Holy shit, that is an awesome idea but there aren’t enough really fat bellies.” So I scribbled on my tum with some eyeliner (CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus in black onyx), took a picture, screwed up my courage, girded my loins, and… posted.

It was fucking liberating, let me tell you internets. And someone said I was “totally bad ass!!! awesome!” That was fucking amazing. So I love Amanda Palmer, and I love the Shadowbox, but most of all I love myself for taking a picture of my belly and posting it to the internet without wanting to burst into tears afterwards.


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