fat girl

March 22, 2009 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Today was good. I went to the annual bulb show at a local college with my dad and sister, got a giant pizza slice for lunch and some concert tickets for me and my BFF, and took the dog on a nice walk. All in all a good day.

Then my mom and sister got in a fight at dinner. Which happens, because my sister is seventeen and extra sensitive, and they both stormed off. Dad and I shrugged and kept eating, and Mom came back still mad and decided she needed to snipe at us too for just sitting there. She looked at me and went “Shut up, fat girl.

And… I had to hold back a laugh. Now, Mom is getting over being sick. She’s always either getting sick, sick, or getting better, but the in-between phases are almost always marked by being incredibly nasty and mean. And apparently the worst thing she could come up with to call me was “fat girl.” And… it truly, honestly didn’t hurt. Yeah, I AM A FAT GIRL. Not a news flash. So I was able to let that roll off me. Now, it’s a sign of how messed up she is that that’s what she goes for, but I’m glad it didn’t bother me.


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