Fat hatred in my superhero movie?

May 2, 2009 at 12:08 am (Uncategorized)

You don’t say!

I will be cutting the rest of this post for spoilers, so if you haven’t seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine yet and don’t want to know anything (because you’re not a rabid fangirl like me), don’t click.
Okay so. Logan, alias Wolverine, alias James Howlett, alias Hugh Jackman, is the star of the show. Which is only right. A number of other Marvel favorites make appearances, though. And one of them… is Fred Dukes, alias The Blob. And wow, was I ever not expecting what they did with him.

Dukes starts out as just big. Tall, probably taller than Wolverine (Jackman is like 6’2″) and yeah, built like a brick wall, but not what we would think of as a blob. Just a big beefy guy.

Fast-forward six years and some plot hijinks, though, and Logan shows up to the boxing gym where his pals John (Will.i.am) and Dukes ended up. They were on a mutant task force, and they all “dealt with that in their own ways.” And Dukes? Developed “some kind of eating disorder,” John says. “Just don’t mention his weight.”

He’s a grotesquerie. The fat had to be CGI-ed on, but it is still disgusting – both in the sense that it’s meant to revolt the viewer, and in the sense that fat people don’t actually LOOK like that. THere’s a moment where his belly is rippling after a few gut-punches that was clearly meant for laughs. Oh, and a tattoo that used to be of a pinup girl has stretched, and Logan says “I remember when she used to be about 85 pounds.” Um, what? Yes, tats, stretch, but that’s not good writing.

I mean, the movie had its good parts. A lot of shit blew up real pretty-like, and I got to see a lot of Hugh Jackman, and I’m shallow. But between that and some really skanky race and gender fail, I’m not as giddy as I wish I’d been. And while I never expected the race and gender fail to be anything but omnipresent… I’m surprised and pissed off at the level of fat-hatred. I know, I know, it’s a movie about mutants. But come the fuck on, Fox.

…Oh wait.


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