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September 27, 2009 at 7:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I had a frustrating day today – trying to go shopping at my local Target has become an exercise in futility, especially since I’m pretty sure they haven’t hired on extra staff to deal with the influx of college students. And their plus size section has dwindled to a meager four racks shoved against the back wall, swallowed up by activewear and maternity. Because fat girls should be working out to lose weight and/or the only acceptable belly is a pregnant one? I kind of don’t think that’s their reasoning but I was in a foul mood.

Anyway, so I’m headed out to Boston at the end of the week to hang out with my bff and see a concert, and so I hit Google to look for plus size options in Beantown. And one of the first results was for this Yahoo Answers post. The first person does mention chain stores which are in basically every mall, but they do also note a couple of boutiques. The second person, though.

“Have you tried Lane Bryant?”

Uh. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. I am pretty sure almost every fat woman has tried Lane Bryant. How many other options do most of us have? And the thought of going to the same goddamn soulless chain store for the same overpriced clothes that I have to suck it up and pay for because nobody else wants to take my good green money for body coverings, but in an Exotic New Location… well, it’s infuriating and depressing all at once.

Maybe I’m just overly hormonal, but this is really pissing me right the fuck off. Yes, I have tried Lane Bryant. I am looking to support local or indie shops or find something actually goddamned interesting for once. I don’t want to wear clothes that would suit my mom, I want to wear something that makes me feel reasonably on-trend and around my age. I want to wear clothes that are not entirely made out of polyester. I want to wear clothes that are reasonably well-made. I want things that are vaguely office-appropriate.

And the thing is, I shouldn’t feel like I’m asking for the goddamned moon when I write out that list. My sister can find any number of stores that would fit those criteria handily; she wears a size 6, and I wear a size 22, and I’m completely fucked.



  1. factcheckme said,

    seriously, WTF is up with all the polyesyter?? their clothes are so overpriced as it is, and people buy them, so i am sure there are plenty of women who would pay a little bit more for cotton, and its more flattering to boot, you know, not clinging to everything and all. you are exactly right, that its as if they dont want the money. i wonder if theres more to that than meets the eye. i mean, everyone likes money…right?

  2. NotWednesday said,

    I didn’t know Lane Bryant sold over a size twelve until a few months ago, and only because I frequent FA blogs. . .It’s not necessarily common knowledge considering that they don’t advertise their bigger sizes.

  3. Meems said,

    As a Bostonian, I wish I could give you some better suggestions, but I don’t know the plus size store scene all that well in my city. I can say that, while Poor Little Rich Girl does have a plus size section (at least in their Davis Square location) it’s pretty small. Like, two racks.

  4. eli said,

    Wouldn’t Lane Bryant pretty much sell nothing but clothes over size 12, as they’re a plus size chain…

  5. Sal said,

    Wow! As an old fat lady, I find Lane Bryant full of fluffy stuff for teenagers. My mom would never shop there because, she, ah, died at age 90 several years ago.

    So it’s not an age problem–it’s just that they have a small selection, as do other mainstream fat stores.

  6. living400lbs said,

    Does LB carry size 12? I thought they were 14-28.

  7. Patsy Nevins said,

    Yes, Lane Bryant carries 14-28, with occasionally an item in 30-32, so I am not sure what store that person was referring to, since they are an exclusively plus size business. I buy something there occasionally, usually a pair of jeans or a t-shirt, but have no problem finding cotton clothes…I just don’t like much of it. And I am 60 & still live in mostly jeans, tees, & hoodies, so I guess I dress a lot like a fluffy teenager.

    I also buy jeans from Torrid online, which I know is aimed at a much younger audience, so is there a Torrid in Boston. Or a Deb Shop? I think that there are usually Avenue stores in most major cities, but I guess the clothes are somewhere between young & thirtyish or so. I hope you find some things you like.

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