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October 9, 2009 at 10:51 pm (Uncategorized)

This is just a very quick post of something that happened to me today, and if it weren’t for the massive posts over at Shapely Prose (this one and the one before) I probably wouldn’t even mention it.

I take the bus to work sometimes. Today it was raining and the bus was very full. I was sitting down (next to a guy who, miraculously, put his legs together so as not to crowd me into the aisle) and there were a lot of people standing up. Dude standing right next to me was hanging onto the support pole with his arm on the other side. His arm closest to me kept rubbing against my arm, and he was talking with someone he’d gotten on the bus with and kept gesturing a lot. I almost got hit in the face several times. And yet I said nothing, because I have been sort of emotionally fragile this week and I really did not want to face getting into a brouhaha when I was trapped on the bus and had to stay on that one to be on time for work and not lose my fare.

I lucked out that I didn’t get hit in the face. Showing up to work with a shiner would’ve been awesome. But hey, transit etiquette: try to keep your goddamn arms to yourself when you’re on a packed moving vehicle.



  1. crazyreal said,

    Well, after reading your post, I wanted to share this story:

    She had black shoes. Although they were closed in the front and on the back, it showed the middle of her skin feet. Those shoes were not fully adapted to the shower that was pouring outside. She was waiting for the bus 24 Sheerbroke metro. Even though she was skinny, she was not skinny sick. Her weight went perfectly with her height. The blue jeans she was wearing had nothing extraordinary but it suited her very well. It was clear that if anyone was passing his hands on her legs, he would not touch her bones but her skin that enveloped her flesh so very well. Everything seemed to be well adjusted to her legs.

    She wore a white t-shirt on top of which she added a grey sleeveless summer top that was loosely held on her by two strings going from the middle of her breast to the middle of her back while passing on top of her shoulders. Her white t-shirt made a very nice curve on her breast and the sleeveless grey summer top was just accentuating the lines and the curves of her middle size breast.

    On top of all those, she had a light green almost turquoise pull of over that was unbuttoned. She was appeared both careful and at the same time nonchalant. Her head had nice features, beautifully cut, perfectly proportioned and accurately matched the size of her body. She had curly hair and no make-up. Her finger was periodically realigning her eyewear with her eyes because they were slipping on her nose.

    If you want to know the end, go on and click on brief eye contacts.

    • Nomie said,

      While I appreciate that you are reading my blog, I don’t really appreciate you using the comments to advertise your stories. Especially since they don’t really seem to be that in tune with the spirit of what I’m writing here.

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