Who is the Fat Slut?


I was born, raised and live in the northeast United States. I have a mother, a father, and a younger brother and sister. I’m a Virgo with a Leo moon and Sagittarius rising. I’m Russian and Polish on my mother’s side and Spanish, Cuban, Irish and British on my father’s side. I was raised culturally Catholic and Jewish but spiritually agnostic, and today vaguely believe in an animating force in the universe with a lean towards paganism. I went to college at a small liberal arts school and spent a semester abroad in Bath, England. My family is solidly middle class; my parents are both educated and born in America, and they both worked until my mom’s various medical issues prevented her from doing so several years ago. I recently received my MA in classics, and I’m applying to PhD programs; my work focuses on the representations of women in epic literature. I’ve spent way too much time reading Latin and Greek. I consider myself a geek in the sci-fi/fantasy reading, ren-faire attending sense. I love music in a wide range of genres and my taste is best described as eclectic. I am a dirty hippie left-wing liberal; I believe strongly in free speech, freedom of religion, the right to safe and legal abortion, gay rights, women’s rights, racial equality, national health care, extended maternity and paternity leave, and all sorts of groovy stuff like that. I am a feminist and proud to call myself one. I’m bisexual and have crushes on Sean Maher, Ben Barnes, Kate Winslet and Rosario Dawson. I’ll try any food once and love stuff like squid in its own ink. I have a major phobia about eye trauma and a similar but lesser one about dental trauma. I play the violin, though I’m out of practice, and I trained with a voice teacher for several years. I love pink. I have six ear piercings. I wear sneakers and jeans every day. I have a tattoo and want more.


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  1. fatgirlonadate said,

    You are awesome. I followed a link from your comment on Shapely Prose, and I am excited to hear what else you have to say.

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